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Peraflex Hose Inc.

Manufacturer of composite hose

Peraflex Manufactures Composite Hose

Peraflex manufactures hose that is tough, but flexible. We can custom make a hose to meet any need.

Tank Truck Application

Peraflex has been proudly serving the tank truck industry since 1986

Peraflex Custom Color Coating

At Peraflex we can manufacture your hose with custom color coating to meet your needs


Peraflex manufactures large bore dock hoses


We're Flexible

Peraflex composite hose is completely customize-able. Whether you require your hose to be extra flexible, extra stiff, handle higher pressures and temperatures or be more abrasion resistant — we have a solution

No Loose Ends

The right end connection is as important as the right hose. That’s why every Peraflex hose assembly includes a spiral hose shank, external crimping, a rubber seal and epoxy to seal the tube ends.

We've Virtually Eliminated Leaks

Say goodbye to leaks with Peraflex. Every Peraflex hose is produced with an internal and external wire that supports a combination of seamless tubes, plastic films and barriers. These are reinforced with high-strength, high-density materials.