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Maintenance & Care


  • Visual inspections should be performed before each use and before hydro static testing
  • Thorough visual inspections should occur at least every 6 months

Inspect for the following:

  • Abrasion damage to cover such as wearing away, tears, or cuts
  • Cover damage such as dents, kinks and swelling
  • Displacement of wires
  • Corrosion and damage of external wire
  • Damage and displacement of end fittings
  • Signs of softening or weakening
  • Other signs of wear and damage to the hose and end fittings

Testing: (Hydrostatic testing should be conducted at least once per year)

  • A visual inspection should be conducted prior to testing
  • Do not test hoses that fail visual inspection
  • Pressurize assembly and hold for 10 minutes. Check for leaks
  • Test electrical continuity between connections
  • Reduce pressure and drain hose
  • If assembly passes test, recheck electrical continuity
  • Electrical continuity should be checked every 6 months

Cleaning: (Following use, before testing and storage)

  • Pigging must not be used
  • Passive flushing is sufficient with such fluids as clean water, detergents, common solvents at ambient temperatures. If sea water is used, drain thoroughly to minimize risk of corrosion to internal wire and fittings
  • Open ended steam cleaning is suitable as long as max working temperature is not exceeded
  • Do not exceed max working pressure if using compressed air
  • Ground hose during cleaning process


  • Depending upon overall condition of hose
  • Should be conducted by trained personnel
  • Contact Peraflex for more information