1-800-338-5348 sales@peraflex.com

Ordering/Inquiring from Peraflex

To place an order or inquire at Peraflex simply call 1-800 338-5348, fax at (716) 876-8708.


At Peraflex we are organized to answer quotes quickly and efficiently.
We normally respond to telephone inquiries for price and delivery
at the initial telephone call or e-mail.


Usually a quote is given on the same phone call.


A quote will be given if all the information is supplied.


A quote is normally responded to within a half hour.

If no knowledge of the type of hose that is needed or the material and conditions that the hose will be subjected to are unclear, Peraflex can recommend the correct style of composite hose best suited for the application.

Please Note: All orders are considered urgent. If a required by date is necessary please specify when ordering.

Ordering/ Inquiring